The leading company in verifiable digital badges.

Accredible enables you to securely and easily issue, manage, track, and verify your certificates and badges.


Our mission is to help narrow the skills gap

Our digital certificates and badges allow organizations to provide their students with evidence of their skills, enable individuals to demonstrate their credibility, and help employers identify the best job candidates.

Our Identity and Values

About us

Our Principles

Trustworthiness is key.
Accredible Credentials must not be counterfeited or used to misrepresent one's accomplishments.


Flexibility is essential.
Accredible Credentials should be adaptable to fit their intended purpose, rather than being rigid and inflexible.


Empower stakeholders to control their data.
Both issuers and recipients should have the ability to access, update, export, and delete their data associated with the credentials.


Put credentials to good use.
Credentials should enhance the employability and reputation of their recipients by having a measurable impact in the real world.


Reliability is paramount.
Credentials must always be displayed and represented correctly, without any issues or inaccuracies.

About us

Our Mission

We hold the belief that one's identity, location, or learning method should not impact their credibility. Anyone who can demonstrate their credibility deserves to be acknowledged as credible

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